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The Irish born Singer/Songwriter is resident in southern Germany near Heidelberg. His songs regularly reflect a view from the harder and darker sides of life and often show the struggles and suffering of humanity. But don't be prepared for all out melancholy, he also has a wry touch and some splashes of humour are included here and there too but never cheap or sold out. His singing has been acclaimed as intense and wonderful (Celtic Rock.de). He has also been compared by Nightfall Magazine in France to Christy Moore or Dougie McClean and he has furthermore been rated an extraordinary songwriter (Irland Journal).

Fleadh on stage at the 2013 German Pop & Rock Awards

After a time as a busker and solo artist with two solo albums, "Skin" (2006) and "Thursday Asks" (2008) he turned his attention to his roots and joined the German based Irish Folk band "Fleadh" in 2007. The band had existed since 1999 and had undergone many changes under the hand of founder member and piper Frank Weber. The fruits of this move became apparent when the band released their first album "Humpy & Lumpy" in 2010 which earned the band "Best German Folk Rock Band" at the DRMV (Deutscher Rockmusikerverband) awards in Wiesbaden that year. Saoirse had added his selfpenned song "Grey" to the CD.

After the departure of female vocalist Anna Hachulla, Saoirse moved to centre stage and his songwriting was more focused and cut to the band's needs. The concerts became more intense and pulsating with the tune arrangements and drive of the Tommy Gorny's guitar coupled with the fiddle, pipe and banjo section of Eichenlaub, Weber & Dürschner. Saoirse's songs were drawing strong attention from the audiences. In 2012 Fleadh once more went into Andy Horn's Red Room studio to work on their second studio album which would be titled the Cleggan Bay Disaster and which Saoirse wrote after the band brought the story of the 1927 fisher tragedy back to Germany after a holiday in Ireland. This was to be one of five songs on the CD written by Saoirse and the album received an incredible amount of overwhelming reviews and airplay throughout 2013. Colum Sands praised the songwriting as did Alan O' Leary of Copperplate Distribution and none less than Alex Monaghan of the renowned "Irish Music Magazine" also passed the CD with full marks. Superlatives were to be heard from the UK, France, Denmark and Holland. Airplay in Ireland, UK, Australia & the US!

The 2013 Awards
The 2013 Awards

"Magnetic Music", a well known concert agency, run by internationally respected Petr Pandula, was in the meantime collaborating with "Fleadh" and the need for a bass player resulted in the recruitment of Karl Schramm making now six members and enabling the band to 'fill' their sound. Gigs in 2013 included a double act with renowned Irish Folk Band Goitse ending in a tremendous double band finale.

The band took first prize at the BASF band contest 2013 much to the consternation of the younger acts. The jury from the "Pop Academy Mannheim" noted "Fleadh" for their creativity and, of course, the songwriting.

The nomination for best songwriter at the DRMV 2013 is for the band as yet the greatest award for their musical aspirations and for Saoirse a great acknowledgement and fitting praise for his work as a songwriter.

The band eventually took three prizes at the 2013 German Pop & Rock Awards. Best Trad / World Music Album, Best Folk Album and – much to Saoirse's delight – Best Folk Song 2013.

Saoirse is currently working on his third album with Karl Schramm as coproducer and bass player. A live duo plus guests is expected to follow from this in 2014 alongside the ongoing successful development with "Fleadh" who are also putting their material together for their next musical creation.